Salvation Army soup kitchens

The founder of the Salvation Army, William Booth, established the principle of Soup, Soap, Salvation at the very beginning of the organisation. This showed how difficult it is to proclaim God’s love to the hungry, the unclothed, the unwashed, without helping them in their time of need. So soup kitchens became an integral part of The Salvation Army’s ministry and one way of showing our fellow man that he is loved by God.

Salvation Army soup kitchens are currently operating in 8 cities in Latvia. In 2023 they were visited 67926 times and 161795 portions were distributed. In addition to the soup kitchen service, showers and clean clothes are often available.

You are welcome to participate in the lunch, volunteer to prepare it or support the ministry financially!

Weekly activities

Riga, Bruņinieku 10a

Wednesday 12:00
Thursday 12:00
Friday 12:00

Riga, Varakļānu 1

Thursday 16:00
Saturday 12:00

Iecava, Rīgas 23

Monday 12:00
Wednesday 12:00
Friday 12:00

Bauska, Pludona street 50

Wednesday 13:00
Thursday 13:00
Friday 13:00

Jelgava, Dobeles street 42

Thursday 11:00
Sunday 11:00

Daugavpils, Ventspils 70

Monday 11:30
Tuesday 11:30
Wednesday 11:30
Thursday 11:30
Friday 11:30

Liepāja, Rīgas 26

Tuesday 13:00
Wednesday 13:00
Thursday 13:00


Bruņinieku iela 10a, Rīga, LV-1001

We will be grateful for your support