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Social Ministry

Our motto is Heart to God, hand to man.

We are trying to offer help to people in different hardships of life and are always glad about each helper and volunteer who is ready to get involved, to offer their time and to join us in this blessed work.

Halfway house

In Riga, Latgale suburb there is TSA Rīga 2 Corps (church). The Corps is in an area, where people of mixed nationalities have lived for a long time, so services take place in Russian. The mission of the Corps is practical evangelism – a message given in a simple language, a wide practical ministry with comprehensive help to the poor and homeless.

In their ministry, church leaders often meet people who thanks to the support of the church, have been able to leave deep addictions and have seen a renewed purpose in their lives, based on the love of Christ, but their life circumstances do not change that quickly. Even though the habits of people have changed, circumstances stay the same – great poverty and often – even life on the street. To offer these people the opportunity to make a step closer to life circumstances that are worthy of a human being, and not allow them to fall back, on the second floor of the church there is a small rehab centre „Halfway to home”.

10 homeless people have an opportunity to stay there for a short time. There are single and double rooms in the centre, kitchen, showers, and a gym.


Ministry to families

Family is the first place, where children learn to create relationships, find out about life’s values and learn the necessary skills. Because of that The Salvation Army pays a lot of attention to help save and support families – both young and old children, both youth and elderly that are in different circumstances in life.

From the beginning of 1990’s, since the work of The Salvation Army was restarted in Latvia, the organization had a significant ministry with street children in Riga, giving several children an opportunity to live in a safe and improved environment. As the years went by and situations and needs have changed help and support to families offered by TSA has also changed. TSA work during these years has also been valued by state institutions and currently several TSA institutions are working in cooperation with local municipalities as providers of social services.

Currently, there are several centres working in TSA, who offer social help to the municipalities – Day care centre “Patvērums” in Riga being one of them. An extensive work with kids and for kids is done in Seda through art and music classes, sports and other activities. TSA in Latvia has several projects to support youth and families, for example, carpentry workshop for children in Drusti. In all local SA churches there are different events, activities and lessons for children and youth. 

Help in difficulties

In the Salvation Army, we are motivated by our faith in Jesus. We believe it is important to take care of each person, not discriminating against anyone. A person can experience different situations in life – families break apart, addictions, lost homes or deep poverty. Currently, many people in Latvia experience difficult life circumstances. We wish to help as many people as possible with the resources God has given to us.

The Salvation Army is an organization with many years of experience from all over the world in work with people, who live in poverty and are rejected by society. We try to offer practical help and advice. We believe that relationship with Jesus brings forth positive changes in a person’s life, and we are ready to share our testimony with people coming to us. But we do not force religion on anyone and we are ready to help anyone with everything in our power.

In this part of our home page, you can see different ways that we are trying to help people in Latvia. As you can see, we try to offer support to people of different age in different life circumstances.

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