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Four stories. Four men. Four regained lives.

Vladimir, Sergei, Vladimir and Stanislavs opened their hearts to share their stories and experiences. Their internal motivation and support given by the Salvation Army, changed their way of life very rapidly.
During Christmas, the Salvation Army asks for the support of fellow people, so that any assistance provided would help us to help others. In Riga on Bruņienieku Street where the Salvation Army’s headquarters is located, there is a soup kitchen and also elsewhere in Latvia: Bauska, Iecava, Jelgava, Daugavpils, Liepa, Liepaja, Saldus, Seda has access to help – food packages, clothing, lessons for children and families. The Children’s Centre Patvērums and Social Assistance Centres are active in Riga.
The Salvation Army pays particular attention to education and work with families, meaningful spending of leisure time for children.

Vladimir’s story

Vladimir’s life changed a lot when his wife died. The man arrived in Riga and lived in a hut for four years, both in summer and in winter freeze. Vladimir was addressed by an acquaintance, inviting him to go to service together. In the first time, when he arrived in the Salvation Army, Vladimir was called upon to become a recruit. It was really a turning point. Gradually Vladimir became involved in the life and work of the congregation. Through the help he received, Vladimir has found a way to be helpful to others.

Sergey’s story

Sergey links the way to the Salvation Army to the choice of work he had done incorrectly. He worked as a waiter, and the easy access to alcohol promted him to drink a glass almost every day. This was followed by a departure and divorce from his wife, a sale of an apartment. Life became more and more difficult. Today, he says, it was a complete degradation, he didn’t want to work at all.

Vladimir’s story

For the first time about the Salvation Army, Vladimir learned in 2004, after his first release from the detention. He met a former camera member on the street, who also advised him to go there. Vladimir decided at once that he wanted to be a recruit in the Salvation Army. In the 1990s, which he also calls the savage times of bangerism, Vladimir was not the last man among the “wild brigades.” In his life it came that God had led him through different paths – he had seen both the “top” and lived in prosperity, and had come to the “bottom” experiencing the poverty.

Stanislavs story

Stanislavs initially met the Salvation Army abroad, since he has worked mostly outside Latvia’s borders since August 1991. He worked both in Brazil and in the United States, Florida, Tampa, England and Belgium, as in Amsterdam. In the summer of 2018, he decided to return to his dear Riga, where he realized that the Salvation Army was the right place to develop himself, serve God and help others. Stanislavs now knows that money and work, which had always been in the first place, will not be able to replace what is the most important to him now – developing himself and serving for others.