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With God I feel different, the way I was created

Diāna Ratiņika from Bauska Corps
God has now taken an important role in my life, and in the Salvation Army I have gotten to know God more and more. There have been many difficult moments in my life but somehow everything has always turned out the way it is supposed to.
I remember when I was younger and for the first time I took part in the Salvation Army camp for children. It was my birthday. I felt a bit different being amongst different people in an unfamiliar place but I liked that feeling. I saw that these people cared about children getting to know God and Jesus. I really enjoyed the camp. In that camp I understood that my life was going to change and that nothing was going to be as before. I wanted to change myself because I did not like the feeling I had in me. I wanted to feel different. With God I feel different, the way I am supposed the, the way I was created.
Now I am going to camps not as a participant but as a part of the leadership team. Now I see and can learn about how to talk to children about God. It has opened my eyes and now I know what I want in my life. I want to devote my life to God. I loved when I was entrusted to be responsible for putting up sketches in the camp for children. I was excited that I could tell these stories the way I wanted to. I could tell about God in my own way and I was happy when I was given the task of telling about Jesus in this creative manner. You can tell about the Lord in arts and the language of arts is the most familiar to me. I enjoyed helping, being active and even listen to the small ones and their stories. The experience that I gained as an assistant is unforgettable. I will definitively take part in the camps in years to come because I want to continue this journey with the Lord.