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Celebrating day of restored ministry

Together with the anniversary of the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia, The Salvation Army in Latvia quietly celebrated its day of restored ministry. Now we count our years of service from 1990 when The Salvation Army restored its ministry here in Latvia, although already in 1923, just five years after the proclamation of independence of Latvia, the Army began to minister to people in Riga and Jelgava. In 1940, the Army’s ministry was prohibited in Latvia and Salvationists were left with hope and passionate prayer about restoration of the lost ministry. And now – we have had the privilege to again serve in Latvia for 26 years.
Every year brings something new – both challenges and blessings. Looking back at this year, we see many, many blessings. In the beginning of the year, new regional leaders majors Robert and Anna-Maria Tufstrom were appointed to ministry in Latvia. They will serve in Latvia for three year, making important decisions in Latvia and representing us in territorial headquarters in Stockholm and international headquarters in London. Majors Tuftstrom are officers from Sweden who have ministered in Rwanda and now have devoted themselves to minister to people in Latvia. Moreover, this year the Army got two new cadets – people who have decided to devote their lives for others by serving as the Salvation Army officers. Gints and Revita Rodionovi started their ministry in the Army in Saldus. There they were responsible for leading worship and prayer evening and Sunday meetings later on. This year they took on the leadership of Riga 1 corps. You are welcome to join praise and worship evening on Tuesday at 6pm and Sunday meeting at 11am on 10a Bruninieku Street.
This year the Army strengthened its ministry in Jelgava. In 1923, it was in Jelgava that the Army started its work in Latvia, but after the restoration of independence the Army went back to this city only in 2014. This autumn, we had an amazing opportunity to move from rented premises to our own property. It will allow us to serve people in Jelgava more through social help and spiritual support.
Liepa’s story is a bit different. The Army has been serving in the village of Liepa for more than 20 years. The whole community knows about the Army’s work: soup kitchen, distribution of clothes, carpentry workshop and school lessons for children. Inga and Jānis Mucenieki says that although the ministry was very visible in local community, they could do more if they had one place to serve. Up till now the soup kitchen was in a flat, workshop in the school and Sunday worship meetings were held in the local library. In their 21st year of service, Liepa corps finally has their own bright and spacious home. We pray for blessings and wisdom in using this opportunity the best possible way!
In addition, Riga Social centre has an opportunity to increase their ministry to people in Riga as they now move into more spacious rooms at the Salvation Army’s main building on 10 a Bruninieku Street. In 1940, the Salvation Army built this building in order to serve people in Riga the best possible way and we now have the privilege to implement this vision. This building is also a home for an afterschool programme for children “Patvērums”. With support from different donors, including the Baltic Children’s Fund, they now have a cosy kitchen where they can continue having Life Skill School that helps children to learn useful skills for their everyday life.
We believe that this year has been full of blessings also for our country and that every day gives us reasons to thank God for everything he has given us and for the gift of each other.