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Bright Building in Āgenskalns

On the other side of the river Daugava, on 3A Āgenskalns Street, Leontīne Gorkša, a member of the Salvation Army, left a heritage to TSA – a bright, beautiful building. In year2000, this building was opened as L.Gorkša’s Children and Youth Home. 20 children who were left without parental care, called this place their home for 12 years. Even though the orphanage is not there anymore, the building is devoted to people to come and gain knew knowledge, it is made as a safe and interesting place for children and youth, and a bright place where people can come and receive help.
In the basement of the building there are showers and washing machines, and everyone can use them for a small donation. This social service is available on Mondays and Tuesdays.
The first floor in the building is used for different children, youth and family activities. During school time every week there are Baby Song lessons– those are activities for toddlers with their parents – table game afternoons and storytelling evenings.
The second floor is home for the Training Centre. Different courses and seminars are held there for TSA volunteers and employees. It gives people a chance to gain new knowledge as well as develop their skills and talents.
In 2016, thanks to a generous donation from USA Mission Support Fund, TSA was able to repaint the facade of the building and make it even brighter and more beautiful, so that God would be glorified and people would be helped through the activities there.
This summer, three days a month, creative and musical activities for children and youth age 8-18 are being held there. Workshops are led by Gints and Revita Rodionovi, who are now in training to become the Salvation Army officers.
Gints and Revita are very musical and with their skills and talents they glorify and worship God, and they want to pass their knowledge on to others. That’s why the idea of teaching children came to life – it’s a chance for them to have quality free time, in addition they develop their talents and create something new and beautiful.
Youth and children can learn how to play percussions, guitar and bass guitar. As Gints said, children don’t need previous knowledge because they start from basics. Each week children learn to play one new composition. Gints has an ideo that maybe in autumn there will be a small performance for participant’s parents and friends to see.
In art classes children are making different art compositions, drawings, and paintings, and even 3D drawings. Revita, the teacher, says that the aim of the activity is to let children use their imagination and to let express themselves through creative activities.
The first activities took place on 14th – 16th June. The next activities will be held on 13th to 15th July and 10th – 12th August, from 10am to 1pm.
To apply for these activities, please call Gints + 371 26672741 or Revita + 371 25911384. Everyone is welcome!