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Joy in cooperation


The joy within people comes from the ability to give and create joy for others. The same joy doubles when it’s given to children.
The Salvation Army Corps is active in Liepa. This year the congregation had a big celebration – 20 years of ministry. And because of that, we wanted to look back at what we have achieved and, on children’s behalf, say thank you for everything we have done by working together.
Seven years ago, together with Salvation Army officer Inga Muceniece, we got the idea to write the project for kids from families with low income and, as Inga said it then, for kids who come from “tough” families. And so our first project “Joy being together” came into being.
After four years, when the project was over, we decided to continue our cooperation and started to write a new project “ The miracles are in us and among us, giving them to others is in our own hands.”
And so, already for seven years we work closely together with Salvation army officers Inga and Jānis Mucenieki. Because of this cooperation, Liepa’s school now have a few valuable encyclopaedias where children can find useful information for studies, also board games for leisure time, and a music player for one of the classes. With the support from the Salvation Army we were also able to get the same shirts for the whole class, so they could participate in different team sports activities and represent the school. Giving them the same shirts created feeling of oneness and team power.
Students have been to a few Circus shows in Riga, have experienced unforgettable feeling of adventures while going on different excursions – to Museum of Natural History, to Natural science school, Motor museum. Students were filmed for the TV show “Zebra” and during this show, students took their cyclist driving test. We have also been to Riga’s Zoo couple of times. Last year we went to see the Puppet show in Riga ”Brother and Carlson”, but during the Swedish week, we were watching cartoon “Carlson who lived on the roof” in “Splendid Palace” movie theatre, and during the whole day we participated in different activities together with A. Lindgren fairy-tale characters.
It was very lovely to visit Dwarves in Tērvete’s Park, were Father Dwarve thought different carpentry wonders, but Mother Dwarve passionately told stories about water changes in Nature.
Children, with parent’s permission, where thought Christian lessons about creation, using simple language and interesting material. It wasn’t just lectures, children were involved in the process and, of course, the parents were invited to participate as well.
Kids have received presents from the Salvation army in Sweden and we are trying, at least at Christmas time, to express our gratitude by sending them our own handmade Thank you cards with greetings written in English. We wish that there would be more selfless people like that who bring joy to children without asking anything in return.

Priekuļu district news
Newsletter 3(60). March 30th, 2015.
Linda Maļčjonoka,
Liepa’s elementary school teacher