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Hot Soup on a Cold day


It was a little over half past one, when a large number of people gathered at the Salvation Army building in Jaunliepāja, 26 Riga Street. A soup kitchen opens its doors there at one o’clock. Hot soup was filled into bowls, thereby making it easier for the people to get by.
The Salvation Army soup kitchen is not new – it has been operating there for years, but this year’s novelty is the financial support for the charity program “Maizes rieciens”. It is a support program for the poor people, and it is financed and supported by Boris and Inara Teterev Fund. The duration of this project is from October until May. The leader of Salvation Army corps Velta Udarska informed “Kurzemes vārds” that within the project they can prepare 800 portions of soup per month.
This year there are more young people amongst those who are waiting for meals, and the received bowl of soup is an essential support for their difficult everyday lives. None of the people standing in line, though, are ready to speak about the causes of why they are not able to provide for themselves. Only one of the women replied: „Do you think that we are standing here for fun?”
V.Udarska says: „But I am doing this work with joy, because God wanted me to do it, and I help everyone without discrimination. We want that the lives of all of these people are changed. That is the reason why we serve them with love. Many do not have jobs, no family and no hope. God makes us look at things differently, He offers forgiveness and hope, and our greatest desire is for the people to reach it. Moreover, we don’t know how our lives can turn out, and it could be us standing in the same line for some hot soup.” She expresses sincere thanks to all volunteers who come to help to prepare the soup in time.
That day, when „Kurzemes Vārds” was visiting the soup kitchen, an appetizing smell of pickled vegetables could be sensed at the front doors of the building. So warm! „Today we will have our own pickled vegetable soup with chicken,” said the cooks who preferred to remain anonymous. One we serve a sauerkraut soup, the other day a soup with beetroot and sometimes a pea soup. „In order to get cheaper products, we are going around various stores,” explains Udarska, adding that they give soup to anyone can comes to the soup kitchen – there are no tickets or other ways of selecting people. Although, sometimes it feels like there might not be enough for everyone because of too many people in the queue. But it is. “God takes care of that,” says V. Udarska with confidence.
/Kristīne Pastore/

Newspaper for Liepaja city and provinces – “Kurzemes Vārds” – 20th of December, year 2013/ p. 5/

*Hot soup for takeaway can be received on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 13:00 in the Salvation Army