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Spring musical


This project provides an opportunity for children aged from 7-18 years to show their talent in singing, dancing, and performing in front of a wider audience. It is a great opportunity for children to develop creativity, to build their self-esteem, to spend their free time meaningfully and to meet new peers as well as to find joy in music. This is already the third musical done by the Salvation Army Musical School. Children from various places of Latvia attend the Musical School. The previous musical was performed during three weekends in December in Zemgale, Kurzeme and Vidzeme. It was an unforgettable experience both for the participants and the spectators who enjoyed the children’s talents. You can also be a part of this project. If you are 7-18 years old, you can take part in the new season of the musical. The first training will be held in 18th January. But if you are willing to put your effort in making the musical in your spare time and if you have a talent for making decorations, costume sewing skills, choreography or if you want to try to teach dance lessons or vocal lessons, take pictures or shoot a film, or have some other beautiful talent that can help to create the musical, then COME AND JOIN! Help us to create something beautiful! If you have any questions, please e-mail the leader of the Musical School:

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Aim of the project
The aim is to lead people to Christ by creating a place in Salvation Army, where children and young people are given the opportunity to express themselves creatively. They can proclaim the gospel through different art forms such as music, drama and dance to children, youth of Latvia and general public.
Objectives of the activity
To develop creativity of children, build self-esteem, spend their free time usefully and to get to know new peers by finding joy in contact with the music.


  • To create choreography for the musical
  • To organize and run dance classes
  • To develop children’s skills in movement
  • To be present and support children during musical performance

Dance teacher

  • To develop children’s skills in movement
  • To run dance classes
  • To be present and support children during musical performances

Vocal teacher

  • To develop ability to sing
  • To manage the singing lessons
  • To be present and support children during musical performances

Stage speech and movement teacher

  • To develop diversity of expression in children
  • To teach performing arts classes
  • To advise the director of the musical

Costume designer

  • To participate in the development of costume design
  • To organize sewing of the costumes

Stage designer

  • To participate in development of stage decorations
  • To organize creation of stage decorations
  • To take care of installation of decorations and to be present during musical performance/li>

Support staff

  • To help teachers of various lessons
  • To help children to learn songs and roles individually
  • To be involved in the organization of free time activities

Technical staff:
Sound/ light operator

  • To participate in rehearsals and performances
  • To ensure smooth operation of sound and light equipment during the performance by performances take place.


  • To create photo reportage during musical performances and training days

Video operator

  • To film musical performances
  • To process and edit material
  • To create a full musical recording in DVD

Kitchen coordinator

  • To prepare a menu and shopping lists for meals
  • To take lunch orders
  • To organize a team of volunteer kitchen staff for laying the table, serving food and cleaning-up


  • To participate in training / interview
  • To take part in “Safe and Sound” training seminar


  • To improve skills and pass them on to the children and young people
  • Free lunch
  • Paid travel costs
  • Materials needed for completing the task