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Kingdom Chronicles


From 20 to 24 February, 24 young knights and beautiful ladies aged 7 to 11 from all of Latvia gathered together for a summer camp Kingdom Chronicles in Skangaļi Manor. Children had an opportunity to meet with the king Kristofer and with his mischievous daughters princesses Rachel and Rasa, with his trusted knight Sir Gint, steward Īda and also the evil queen Morinda and her courtier Gwendolyn. All of them helped children to learn new skills in various courtyards and chambers. At the camp Kingdom Chronicles children learned through drama, testimony and lessons about the fight between good and evil, about weapons that God has given us – the belt of truth, armour of righteousness, helmet of salvation. They all learned how they could stand firm in this battle. The children could also learn how important it is to be united and work in a team. In the courtyards of the castle, young ladies and knights made creative works, got to know more about the Bible, enjoyed treats from royal stock and spent some joyful time with four English knights by playing a variety of games. One night the brave participants went looking for Liesmiņa – a dragon who had escaped – showed how brave they can be when working together. Fair ladies and young knights were given an opportunity to learn different skills – Medieval dance, playing tambourine and introduction to sword fights – that was demonstrated on the last day of camp for all Kingdom people.
In summary, children spend 5 exciting days at Skangaļi Manor. This camp was also a great opportunity to get to know friends from different places in Latvia, creating a fun and wonderful memories of this summer. But most importantly, participants could learn more about God and how He continues to work in people’s lives.