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Taize Riga

15,000 young people praying together for peace and trust, that's what happened in Riga, Latvia, during the last days of 2016 and into the new year 2017. Young people, 18-35 years came from "all corners" of the earth to participate in the ecumenical Taizé "pilgrimage of trust" a real pilgrimage of trust. Together we have met, talked and prayed. We have come to know the world right here, right now.

Celebrating day of restored ministry

Together with the anniversary of the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia, The Salvation Army in Latvia quietly celebrated its day of restored ministry. Now we count our years of service from 1990 when The Salvation Army restored its ministry here in Latvia, although already in 1923, just five years after the proclamation of independence of Latvia, the Army began to minister to people in Riga and Jelgava. In 1940, the Army’s ministry was prohibited in Latvia and Salvationists were left with hope and passionate prayer about restoration of the lost ministry. And now – we have had the privilege to again serve in Latvia for 26 years. Every year brings something new – both challenges and blessings. Looking back at this year, we see many, many blessings.

Bright Building in Āgenskalns

On the other side of the river Daugava, on 3A Āgenskalns Street, Leontīne Gorkša, a member of the Salvation Army, left a heritage to TSA – a bright, beautiful building. In year2000, this building was opened as L.Gorkša’s Children and Youth Home. 20 children who were left without parental care, called this place their home for 12 years. Even though the orphanage is not there anymore, the building is devoted to people to come and gain knew knowledge, it is made as a safe and interesting place for children and youth, and a bright place where people can come and receive help.

Rehabilitācijas programmas "Tilts" nometne Daugavpilī

Deep Sea Discovery

This summer children, age 8-12, from Drusti, Liepa, Iecava, Bauska and Riga, participated in the Day camp “Deep Sea Discovery”. That was an exciting summer event! Day camp gave an opportunity for children to spend quality free time. During this camp, children learned more about God’s creation, this time – creation deep in the sea. Through different creative workshops, children learned that God knows us, hears us, strengthens us, loves us and sends us to do good deeds. At the “Deep Sea Discovery”, children learned how to help those around us, learned about children from other parts of the world, and found new friends.

The Ģeneral Calls to Demonstrate Mercy

IN response to the Orlando, USA, nightclub shooting that claimed 50 lives and left 53 people injured, General André Cox has recorded a video message in which he calls on Salvationists and friends from around the world to 'demonstrate God's mercy in a practical and tangible way'. He offers prayers for everyone affected by the tragedy, and for 'President Obama and government officials who need to provide leadership in these days'.

Learning carpentry skills


The Salvation Army congregation come together in rented facilities, so to work with children takes planning according to the circumstances. Four years ago, at the end of the first semester, Liepa's elementary school was left without a Home Economics teacher for boys, so the leadership of the school asked the Salvation army envoy Jānis Mucenieks, who's first profession is carpenter, to take on the responsibility as a teacher to teach carpentry skills starting the second semester at school.

Joy in cooperation


The joy within people comes from the ability to give and create joy for others. The same joy doubles when it’s given to children. The Salvation Army Corps is active in Liepa. This year the congregation had a big celebration – 20 years of ministry. And because of that, we wanted to look back at what we have achieved and, on children's behalf, say thank you for everything we have done by working together.

Ilgais ceļš tuksnesī - Talsi

Interview with Romans Maksimciks


By: Lt Marika Kozlovska
Romans Maksimciks was enrolled to be a soldier of The Salvation Army a couple of months ago. We are meeting in Bauska on a rainy Sunday after a regional event, which has gathered members and people of The Salvation Army churches from all over Latvia. Amidst the crowd I invite Romans to a small interview to introduce readers with someone else from TSA.

Sveiciens Māmiņdienā!

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Katliņš 2016

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In December, 2016 the Salvation Army in Latvia had its annual Christmas Kettle campaign. In collaboration with “RIMI” the Christmas Kettle was seen in Riga, Bauska, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Liepāja and Valmiera. In addition the Kettle was placed at “Maxima” in Saldus and at “Top” in Liepa and Bauska. Moreover, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy people could donate in the Christmas Kettle in Riga Dome Cathedral during “Santa Lucia” concert. The purpose of the campaign was to prepare Christmas dinner for people in need and to encourag people to open their hearts and donate in order to help those who are struggling. By doing it, the Salvation Army wants to show God’s providence and love for all. Thank you to all who donated and supported. This year Christmas Kettle raised EUR 4988.55. 105 volunteers took part in the campaign. The donated money was used for preparing Christmas dinner in 13 soup kitchens all over Latvia. 750 people attended Christmas events where they could not only enjoy a nice hot meal but also hear the Gospel. We want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who open their hearts and donated. It helped people in need to come closer to God and see His love, care and presence in people’s...

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Liepājai 20

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On 20th November, 2016 the Salvation Army Liepāja Corps celebrated its 20th anniversary. Guests from Riga, Iecava, Bauska and Ilmājas had come to greet the church and to take part in worship and fellowship. New Corps Officers Lieutenants Artūrs and Ērika Kozlovski started their ministry in Liepāja in the end of last year. They had invited previous COs to take part in this festive occasion: Captain Ārija Bergmane and Captain Velta Udarska. Captain Ārija Bergmane shared a story about how in 1996 she was late for the meeting with Liepāja City Council representative who were supposed to make a decision whether to give permission for the Salvation Army to minister in Liepāja or not. Although Captain came to the municipal building very late, God gave her courage to enter the conference room and address the representatives of the City Council. “With God’s help, everything went smoothly,” Captain Ārija admits with gratitude. On that Sunday, people from Ilmājas – a small place where Captain Ārija ministers now – had come along with her to greet the congregation with singing. Captain Velta Udarska told about a couple of occasions when the previous corps building almost burnt down, but God had always been with and protected them. Looking back at 8 years of ministry in Liepāja, Captain Velta admits that there have been both struggles and times of joy, but above all God’s goodness and provision prevailed. People from Liepāja corps also shared their stories. Children had prepared a beautiful song as a greeting, and the Sunday school teacher Agnese Biģele gave an emotional speech about how much Liepāja corps meant to her. She started coming to the corps as a child and attended Sunday school but now, thanks to encouragements from leaders, she is leading Sunday school activities for children. Agnese is grateful for all opportunities that she has been given. At the end of the meeting, Lieutenant Artūrs Kozlovskis said words of encouragement to the congregation: My ministry in Liepāja started almost a year ago. It was a surprise and also a challenge for me as our first son was just born and corps leading was a new experience for me. On our first welcome meeting here, the ground floor of the building was flooded because some pipes had burst in the kitchen. In addition, not only corps work was challenging but also after a short while of living here, I realised that I needed to learn a new language. People kept telling me: you should fix driķeris, take out gruškaste, someone has broken kultenis, wash grapis. Those of you who are not from around here, didn’t understand a bit of it, right? Despite my struggles and sometimes not understanding what people in Liepāja are saying to me, I know that people here are generous and kind. People from Liepāja and other towns often call or write to me asking how they could donate clothes or other items. I try not to say no because I believe that God puts on our hearts a desire to give so that we could help others. One of Army’s missions is to help without discrimination to struggling people, to help them to experience God’s love, forgiveness and grace that heals, transforms and values people. Today we celebrate 20 years of ministry in Liepāja...

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Katliņš 2016

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Maybe you have seen a red kettle during Christmas in Latvia or in other countries? The Salvation Army’s campaign, which was started in USA in 1891 by Captain Joseph McAffee with a purpose to prepare a Christmas dinner for people in need, every year gives people opportunity to open their hearts to charity and donate in order to help people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Donations that will be raised in Latvia this year will be spent to help create Christmas for people who cannot manage on their own. This is how we want to show God’s providence and love for all people. From 19th to 23rd December you will see red kettles at RIMI stores in Liepāja, Daugavpils, Cēsis, Jelgava, Valmiera, Bauska and Riga at “Spice”, “Pulveža Brieža” un “Valdemārs”. Help us help others! R/O Pestīšanas armija Reg. No. 90000158170 Account: LV31NDEA0000080011705 Bank code: NDEALV2X Aim: Christmas Kettle HOW THE APPEAL STARTED In 1891, Salvation Army Captain Joseph McFee was distraught because so many poor individuals in San Francisco were going hungry. During the holiday season, he resolved to provide a free Christmas dinner for the destitute and poverty-stricken. He only had one major hurdle to overcome — funding the project. Where would the money come from, he wondered. He lay awake nights, worrying, thinking, praying about how he could find the funds to fulfil his commitment of feeding 1,000 of the city’s poorest individuals on Christmas Day. As he pondered the issue, his thoughts drifted back to his sailor days in Liverpool, England. He remembered how at Stage Landing, where the boats came in, there was a large, iron kettle called “Simpson’s Pot” into which passers-by tossed a coin or two to help the poor. The next day Captain McFee placed a similar pot at the Oakland Ferry Landing at the foot of Market Street. Beside the pot, he placed a sign that read, “Keep the Pot Boiling.” He soon had the money to see that the needy people were properly fed at Christmas. Six years later, the kettle idea spread from the west coast to the Boston area. That year, the combined effort nationwide resulted in 150,000 Christmas dinners for the needy. In 1901, kettle contributions in New York City provided funds for the first mammoth sit-down dinner in Madison Square Garden, a custom that continued for many years. Today in the U.S., The Salvation Army assists more than four-and-a-half million people during the Thanksgiving and Christmas time periods. Captain McFee’s kettle idea launched a tradition that has spread not only throughout the United States, but all across the world. Kettles are now used in such distant lands as Korea, Japan, Chile and many European countries. Everywhere, public contributions to Salvation Army kettles enable the organization to continue its year-round efforts at helping those who would otherwise be...

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Liepa Corps’ New Home

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The Salvation Army in Liepa started its ministry 21 years ago. All these years Liepa corps existed and did their social and spiritual ministry for people in Liepa without their own corps building. Liepa municipality let the Army use one of their flats as a soup kitchen where several times a week people in Liepa could receive a hot soup. Storage for social work was set in another part of Liepa. Carpentry workshop for teenage boys yet in another place and on Sundays the church gathered for worship in the local library. Corps leaders Captain Inga Muceniece and Envoy Jānis Mucenieks have always been reminding their corps people that the church is built of living stones, believers. Despite these obstacles, the church grew strong in prayer; although it was a challenge. The Corps Officer admits that it has been difficult to keep together the church and to build relationship and fellowship amongst believers when there is no place to gather and everyone goes home straight after the worship meeting. During these years several options for Liepa corps building have been discussed – supermarket built in Soviet times, municipality’s culture house, as well as different private properties. Every very time when the deal did not go through, it felt like God is closing yet another door. Now we see that it was worth the wait and God had planned something very good. On 26th October, 2016 Liepa corps new premises were officially opened and the red ribbon was cut by Sweden – Latvia Chief Secretary Lieut-Col Kjell Olausson, Corps Officer Captain Inga Muceniece and Regional Leader Major Robert Tuftström. Many people from different places had come to greet Liepa corps and take part in this festive occasion. The event was planned for 70 guests, but there were so many who wanted to greet the corps, almost 100 people, that many guests took part in the meeting standing up. Inga Muceniece tells about God’s blessings and providence. Although there were more people as planned, fellowship cake – kliņģeris and pīrādziņi – were enough for everyone. The last piece of cake was given to the last person standing in line. Like in the Jesus’ story with five loafs of bread and two fish – it was enough for everyone. God provides! Now the church has found its home in a nice place suitable for people – just a story below from the library where the church used to meet on Sundays. The rooms are spacious and light. There is a kitchen where volunteers will be able to continue cooking meals for people. There is a shower and washing machine. Children and adults will be able to meet for different activities all throughout the week. And this year the corps will be able to celebrate Christmas in their own church home for the first time. So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. (Hebrews...

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Opening of the Salvation Army Social Centre on 10a Bruņinieku Street

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On 19th October, 2016 The Salvation Army Social Centre was opened in its new premises on 10a Bruninieku Street. The leadership of the Salvation Army in Latvia, church members of Riga 1 corps as well as clients of the Social Centre came together to celebrate the opening. We praised the Lord for his providence and kindness of allowing us to continue this ministry in the new premises. The Centre was opened by Assistant Regional Leader Major Anna-Maria Tuftstrom cutting the red ribbon and saying words of encouragement and blessing for the ministry to people in need. The celebration was nicely concluded by a delicious meal that was prepared by the leaders of the Centre Captain Aldona Vaineiķe and Auxiliary Captain Anita Voznaja together with their team of volunteers. All of us could enjoy the meal by beautifully set tables. It was a real treat! For almost six years, TSA Social Centre ministered to people on 41 Avotu Street. The centre was affectionately called Avotu Centre (Centre of the Source). In the beginning it was because of the name of the street the Centre was situated on, however gradually the name stuck on as it became a place where different people could find a source of support, encouragement and joy. Nevertheless, it is time for change and starting from October, 2016 TSA Social Centre will continue their ministry in different premises, situated on 10a Bruninieku street. This building is a home also for Riga 1 corps, day care centre ‘Patvērums’ and administration. The Social Centre will continue to ensure a hot meal three times a week, possibility to use showers and washing machine, as well as will provide different practical social help. People are also welcome to gather for worship meetings, small interest groups and other activities. The Social Centre is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 3pm. Our prayer is that this house continues to be a safe shelter, source of encouragement and God’s love to all who long for the presence of...

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Gaišais nams Āgenskalna ielā

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Pārdaugavā, Āgenskalna ielā 3a Pestīšanas armijai pieder skaista, gaiša ēka, kura tika iegādāta 1997. gadā. Šajā namā 2000. gadā tika atklāta L.Gorkšas Bērnu un jauniešu māja, to nosaucot Pestīšanas armijas virsnieces vārdā, kura cauri ilgajiem Padomju savienības gadiem saglabāja pirmskara Pestīšanas armijas kalpošanas liecības un relikvijas. L.Gorkšas Bērnu un jauniešu māja 12 gadus par savām mājām varēja saukt 20 bērni, kas dažādu iemeslu dēļ bija palikuši bez vecāku gādības. Lai arī ēkā vairs neatrodas bērnu nams, tomēr ēka vēl joprojām tiek veltīta mācībām, kā droša un interesanta vieta bērniem un jauniešiem un gaiša vieta, kur saņemt palīdzību. Ēkas pagrabstāvā atrodas dušas un veļas mazgājamās mašīnas, kuras par nelielu ziedojumu var lietot ikviens. Šis sociālais pakalpojums ir pieejams pirmdienās un otrdienās. Ēkas pirmais stāvs ir veltīts dažādām nodarbībām bērniem, jauniešiem un ģimenēm. Mācību gada laikā katru nedēļu notiek nodarbības pašiem mazākajiem Mazuļu mūzika, galda spēļu pēcpusdiena, pasaku vakari un kopā būšana ģimenēm. Trešajā stāvā ir ierīkots Apmācību centrs, kurā notiek dažādi kursi un semināri, kas gan brīvprātīgajiem, gan PA darbiniekiem dod iespēju gūt jaunas zināšanas, kā arī attīstīt savas spējas un prasmes. 2016. gadā, pateicoties dāsnam ziedojumam no ASV Misijas atbalsta fonda, PA bija iespēja atjaunot ēkas fasādi un padarīt balto ēku vēl gaišāku un patīkamāku, lai tajā varētu turpināt rīkot aktivitātes, kas pagodina Dievu un sniedz roku līdzcilvēkiem. Šajā vasarā trīs dienas katru mēnesi notiek radošas un muzikālas aktivitātes bērniem un jauniešiem vecumā no 8 līdz 18 gadiem. Nodarbības vada Gints un Revita Rodionovi, kas pašlaik mācās, lai vēlāk kļūtu par virsniekiem – pilna laika kalpotājiem Pestīšanas armijā. Gints un Revita paši ir ļoti muzikāli un ar savām prasmēm pagodina un slavē Dievu, kā arī vēlas savas zināšanas nodot tālāk citiem. Tādēļ radās doma sniegt iespēju bērniem vasarā saturīgi pavadīt brīvo laiku, attīstīt bērnos jau esošos talantus un kopīgi radīt kaut ko skaistu. Mūzikas daļā bērni un jaunieši var mācīties sitamos instrumentus, ģitāras un basģitāras spēli. Kā minēja Gints, bērniem nav nepieciešamas priekšzināšanas, jo tiek mācīti paši instrumenta spēles pamati. Katrā nedēļā bērni iemācās spēlēt kādu skaņdarbu. Pēcāk rudenī, iespējams, tiks sarīkots neliels priekšnesums vecākiem, draugiem un pašiem sev. Mākslas nodarbībās bērniem tiek dotas iespēja gatavot dažādas kompozīcijas, zīmēt, gleznot un pat izmēģināt radīt 3D zīmējumus. Vadītāja Revita min, ka viņas vēlme šajās nodarbībās ir ļaut bērniem attīstīt savu fantāziju un ļaut bērniem vaļu izteikties caur radošām aktivitātēm. Pirmās nodarbības jau notika no 14. – 16. jūnijam. Nākamās nodarbības notiks no 13.-15. jūlijam un no 10.- 12. augustam no plkst. 10.00 – 13.00. Nodarbības par brīvprātīgiem ziedojumiem. Pieteikšanās, zvanot Gintam + 371 26672741 vai Revitai + 371 25911384. Visi mīļi...

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Atklājumi Jūras dzelmē

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Šajā vasarā bērni vecumā no 8 līdz 12 gadiem no Drustiem, Liepas, Iecavas, Bauskas un Rīgas varēja laiku pavadīt dienas nometnēs “Jūras dzelmē”. Tas bija aizraujošs vasaras notikums! Dienas nometne “Jūras dzelmē” deva bērniem iespēju kvalitatīvi pavadīt brīvo laiku vasaras brīvlaikā. Tās laikā bērni arvien vairāk iepazina Dieva radīto pasauli, šoreiz jūras dzelmē. Dažādās radošās aktivitātes bērni uzzināja, kā Dievs pazīst mūs, dzird mūs, stiprina mūs, mīl mūs un sūta darīt labus darbus. Jūras dzelmē bērni mācījās palīdzēt apkārtējiem, uzzināja par bērniem no citām pasaules daļām un iepazina draugus. Nometnēs bērni smēlās zināšanas par jūras dzelmi un tās iemītniekiem, dodoties dažādās ekskursijās un pārgājienos – vietējos parkos, upēs un ezeros. Šo dienu laikā bērni dziedāja un dejoja Svinību rifā, sportoja un spēlējās Zināšanu alā, guva jaunas zināšanas Jūras akadēmijā gatavoja našķus Pelikānu ostā un baudīja gardas maltītes. Paldies visiem brīvprātīgajiem, kas veltīja savu laiku un talantus nometnes tapšanā, kā arī paldies visiem sponsoriem un atbalstītājiem, kas nesavtīgi deva dažādus produktus un izejmateriālus, lai mēs spētu nodrošināt bērniem pilnvērtīgas maltītes dienas laikā. Nodibinājums “Latvia Charity Bank”; A/S “Latvijas dzirnavnieks” A/S “Rīgas dzirnavnieks”; A/S “Balticovo”; SIA “Paplāte Nr.1”; SIA “Nissi”;, k/s “Baltijas dārzeņi” SIA “N. Bomja maiznīca “Lielezers”; SIA “Flora maiznīca”; SIA “Skrīveru Saldumi”; A/S “Hanzas maiznīca” A/S „HKScan Latvia” Un dažādas zemnieku saimniecības VIDZEMĒ RĪGĀ...

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Āgenskalna konteiners

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25.05.2016 In 2014 a campaign ‘Donate for Charity’ was started on 3a Āgenskalna Street by placing a clothing bin where people could donate second hand clothes and shoes. The response was so great that it was not possible to sort and distribute all donated clothes in a long run due to technical issues; therefore it was decided to close the clothing bin on Āgenskalna Street till the end of the summer. Clothes and shoes can still be donated in the clothing bin in the backyard of Bruņinieku Street, as well as in donation boxes of other charity organizations in basement level of the shopping centre ‘Olimpia’ and next to the Exit A of the shipping centre ‘Spice’. We appreciate your willingness to donate and we will aim at finding a solution to continue the sort and distribute donations to people in...

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At 10:00 Saturday mornings you will find 10-15 young people ready to learn about The Christian Latvian Scouting Program. You may ask, what is Scouts and what does it offer my child? Here at Riga 1, the Salvation Army is a church in which people are taught all throughout the week about what it means to live a life that Christ wants for us. Saturday morning young people come to learn about surviving outdoors and integrating those skills with their Christian beliefs and instruction. This past year our young people have served the community in cleaning up trash in parks, our young people have learned camping skills, cooking skills, how to navigate through the city of Riga through scavenger hunts. They have also navigated the city on bike rides, learned more about history by attending field trips to museums and have used their camping skills for camp outings. In all of these activities our young people have formed friendships and have also furthered their relationship with Christ. We welcome young people to come and join our scout group here at Riga 1 at 10:00 Saturday morning. Not only will your child find new friends but they will develop skills and learn more about having a relationship with God.By: Captain Melissa...

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