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European Training Leader’s Network

This year the Training Leader’s Network happened in Riga from 3-5th February. 27 people from 12 European countries gathered to share their knowledge and experience on training Cadets (pastors) in their context. As well as gaining strength from networking together, they also gained inspiration from walking around the beautiful city of Riga. Everyone expressed how welcome they had felt and how they had enjoyed their time here.

Engagerad initiativtagare befordrad till härligheten

Bertil Rodin, O.F. (Order of the Founder) har haft en betydande roll inom Frälsningsarmén och har lämnat många avtryck efter sig när han i december lämnade jordelivet, 88 år gammal. Han brann för samhällets utsatta, var en sann bedjare och duktig lärare och han gav upphov till värdefulla verksamheter i Sverige och Lettland. Bertil Rodin föddes år 1929 och hann bli 88 år innan han befordrades till härligheten 26 december förra året. Under många år hade han flera betydelsefulla uppdrag i sin lokala kår. Bland annat var han fanjunkare och han tillhörde Vasakåren i Stockholm.


Friends, this Christmastime we reflect once more on one of the most holy yet revolutionary places in history – the simple Bethlehem stable where Christ was born. We pause in the busyness of our hectic and frenetic lives to give thanks to God for his wondrous gift. It was – and is – the greatest gift ever; a gift of healing, wholeness, restoration, love and reconciliation and, above all, relationship with God.

With God I feel different, the way I was created

Diāna Ratiņika from Bauska Corps God has now taken an important role in my life, and in the Salvation Army I have gotten to know God more and more. There have been many difficult moments in my life but somehow everything has always turned out the way it is supposed to. I remember when I was younger and for the first time I took part in the Salvation Army camp for children. It was my birthday. I felt a bit different being amongst different people in an unfamiliar place but I liked that feeling. I saw that these people cared about children getting to know God and Jesus. I really enjoyed the camp. In that camp I understood that my life was going to change and that nothing was going to be as before.

Taize Riga

15,000 young people praying together for peace and trust, that's what happened in Riga, Latvia, during the last days of 2016 and into the new year 2017. Young people, 18-35 years came from "all corners" of the earth to participate in the ecumenical Taizé "pilgrimage of trust" a real pilgrimage of trust. Together we have met, talked and prayed. We have come to know the world right here, right now.

Celebrating day of restored ministry

Together with the anniversary of the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia, The Salvation Army in Latvia quietly celebrated its day of restored ministry. Now we count our years of service from 1990 when The Salvation Army restored its ministry here in Latvia, although already in 1923, just five years after the proclamation of independence of Latvia, the Army began to minister to people in Riga and Jelgava. In 1940, the Army’s ministry was prohibited in Latvia and Salvationists were left with hope and passionate prayer about restoration of the lost ministry. And now – we have had the privilege to again serve in Latvia for 26 years. Every year brings something new – both challenges and blessings. Looking back at this year, we see many, many blessings.

Bright Building in Āgenskalns

On the other side of the river Daugava, on 3A Āgenskalns Street, Leontīne Gorkša, a member of the Salvation Army, left a heritage to TSA – a bright, beautiful building. In year2000, this building was opened as L.Gorkša’s Children and Youth Home. 20 children who were left without parental care, called this place their home for 12 years. Even though the orphanage is not there anymore, the building is devoted to people to come and gain knew knowledge, it is made as a safe and interesting place for children and youth, and a bright place where people can come and receive help.

Rehabilitācijas programmas "Tilts" nometne Daugavpilī

Deep Sea Discovery

This summer children, age 8-12, from Drusti, Liepa, Iecava, Bauska and Riga, participated in the Day camp “Deep Sea Discovery”. That was an exciting summer event! Day camp gave an opportunity for children to spend quality free time. During this camp, children learned more about God’s creation, this time – creation deep in the sea. Through different creative workshops, children learned that God knows us, hears us, strengthens us, loves us and sends us to do good deeds. At the “Deep Sea Discovery”, children learned how to help those around us, learned about children from other parts of the world, and found new friends.

The Ģeneral Calls to Demonstrate Mercy

IN response to the Orlando, USA, nightclub shooting that claimed 50 lives and left 53 people injured, General André Cox has recorded a video message in which he calls on Salvationists and friends from around the world to 'demonstrate God's mercy in a practical and tangible way'. He offers prayers for everyone affected by the tragedy, and for 'President Obama and government officials who need to provide leadership in these days'.

General 2018

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During his visit, the General Andre Cox will meet with state officials, representatives of several Chambers of Commerce and state ambassadors in order to talk about how The Salvation Army can serve and be more useful to local community. The General will also visit several The Salvation Army Centre in Riga – day care centre “Patvērums” Riga Social Centre and Riga churches. Everyone is welcome to take part in a public meeting on 18th April at 6pm in Riga. General André Cox was born in 1954 whilst his Salvation Army officer parents were serving in Zimbabwe. The fact that the General was born in Africa to an English father and Swiss mother makes him feel very much at home when working in different cultural settings. He was commissioned as an officer (pastor) 38 years ago. During his officership he together with his wife Sylvia Cox have had appointments and done ministry in Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Finland and Estonia, South Africa and the United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland. His ministry have deepened General André’s belief that: ‘Although it is not by our works that we are saved, what we have received and believe must translate into our everyday lives. We cannot escape the reality and the inseparable link between belief and behaviour. The two must go hand in hand if our Christian witness is to be authentic and meaningful. If it is true that we belong to God, that we are building for his Kingdom for eternity by sharing the truth of the gospel then it must also be reflected in our daily living.’ He was elected the 20th General of The Salvation Army on 3 August 2013. General Cox shares his ministry with his wife, Commissioner Silvia Cox, who is the World President of Women’s Ministries. The General of the Salvation Army is the international leader of the Salvation Army whose main task is to inspire and encourage Salvationists, as well as to set vision for the future. The General has said: I dream of a committed, effective and joyful Army, rooted and confident in the word of God and on its knees. I dream of an Army that truly reflects the mind of Jesus in our commitment to the poor and the marginalised. I dream of an Army that practices what it preaches from the top leadership down, an Army that is a visible and living example of Kingdom values. I dream of an Army that values its youth where our young people feel that they have a voice. I dream of an Army with strong relevant and streamlined administrative structures and a much more effective use of our financial and material resources. I dream of an Army where all cultures are equally accepted and celebrated through the spiritual ties that bind us all together. I dream of an Army that shuns the dependency culture. This year, with this message the General Andre Cox has visited India and several countries in Africa, including, Zimbabwe. Just before his visit to Latvia, the General will visit Finland and Estonia and will continue the visit in Sweden. The General Andre Cox is the 6th general who has visited Latvia. Everyone is welcome to join the public meeting where the General will preach in Riga, Bruninieku Street 10a on 18th April...

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Saldus ēka

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It has been five years since the Salvation Army started its ministry in Saldus. The church celebrated its five year anniversary with another celebration – opening of a new building. The church moved from its previous home at St Gregory Christian Mission Centre to a new building next to Saldus Post Office. An opportunity rose to buy the building from its previous owner “Lattelecom” that is now renting premises on the 2nd floor. Church leaders Dmitrijs and Ilona Konovalovi have been working in Saldus for three years. In the opening meeting it was evident that people are very fond of this family. Both of them have managed not only to attract people for social help but also to come to church. There are approximately 35 – 40 people coming to Sunday meetings and approximately 15 to other weekly gatherings. Around 90 people come for social help. There is a Bible Study on Tuesdays at 4pm, worship meeting on Thursdays at 4pm and Sunday meeting at 3pm. Ilona and Dmitrijs Konvalovi are ordained officers (pastors). “First of all – salvation, following Lord Jesus who comes to each of us with a question: Where are you?” said Lt. Col. Kjell Olauson from Sweden in the opening meeting. He presented a symbolic key to Dmitrijs and Ilona so that they could open the doors and hears of people. He encouraged all not only to be Christians inside the church but also to go out in the streets. That is how the Salvation Army was started by the Booths – with a ministry to the homeless. The 3rd floor of the building is renovated for church work: Sunday meetings, worship evenings, fellowship. The first floor of the building still needs to be renovated. There the social work will be done: showers, soup kitchen, second hand clothes. Ilona says that at the moment people can receive clothes and food parcels once a month. Such long-term plans! There is a kid’s room just next to the meeting hall divided by a glass wall so that the parents can see their kids but the noise would not bother during meetings. The children are looked after. This space is created for the families! “Saldus Zeme” 23rd Janaury, 2018 Author: Agrita...

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Katliņš 2017

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Christmas Kettle season is over. Thank you all for your support and contribution to make it a special event. In December, 2017 Christmas kettle in collaboration with “RIMI” the Christmas Kettle was seen in Riga, Bauska, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Liepāja and Valmiera. In addition the Kettle was placed at “Maxima” in Saldus and at “Top” Bauska. Moreover, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy people could donate in the Christmas Kettle in Riga Dome Cathedral during “Santa Lucia” concert. The purpose of the campaign was to prepare a Christmas dinner for people in need and to encourage people to open their hearts and donate in order to help those who are struggling. By doing it, the Salvation Army wants to show God’s providence and love for all. Thank you to all who donated and supported. This year Christmas Kettle raised EUR 5192.83. 105 volunteers took part in the campaign. The donated money was used for preparing Christmas dinner in 10 soup kitchens all over Latvia. 989 people attended Christmas events where they could not only enjoy a nice hot meal but also hear the Gospel. We want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who open their hearts and donated. It helped people in need to come closer to God and see His love, care and presence in people’s...

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Atbalsta fonds

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Latvian.

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Katliņš 2017

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Latvijā savāktie ziedojumi tiks izlietoti Ziemassvētku pasākumu organizēšanai pilsētās, kur darbojas Pestīšanas armija – svētku programma ar siltu maltīti sabiedrībā atstumtiem cilvēkiem. Ja ziedojumi būs vairāk nekā nepieciešams Ziemassvētku pasākumiem, ziedojumi tiks izmantoti sociālajam darbam 2018. gadā. Šogad sarkanais katliņš sadarbībā ar Zviedrijas vēstniecību jau tika izlikts pie Rīgas Doma 10. decembrī Santa Lucia koncertā. No 19. līdz 23. decembrim sarkanie katliņi būs redzami pie lielveikaliem “Rimi”. Bauska, Pionieru ielā 2 un Zaļā ielā 3. Daugavpilī, 18. novembra ielā 136. Jelgavā, Katoļu ielā 18. Liepājā, Vecā Ostamala, Kārļa Zāles laukumā 8. Rīgā (t/c “Spice”, “Valdemārs”, “Pulkveža Brieža”). Valmierā, Fabrikas ielā 2. Kā arī Saldū pie veikala “Maxima”, Striķu ielā 10c un visu decembri Bauskā veikalā “Top”, Upmalas ielā 1. Palīdzi mums palīdzēt citiem! R/O Pestīšanas armija Reģ. Nr.90000158170 Konts: LV31NDEA0000080011705 Bankas kods: NDEALV2X Norāde: Ziemassvētku katliņš AKCIJAS VĒSTURE 1891. gadā Pestīšanas armijas kapteini Džozefu Makfīju satrauca tas, cik liels skaits trūcīgo Sanfrancisko iedzīvotāju dzīvoja izsalkumā. Viņš apņēmās svētku sezonas laikā noorganizēt bezmaksas Ziemassvētku maltīti atstumtajiem un nabadzīgajiem. Šīs ieceres īstenošanai viņam bija jāatrisina tikai viena problēma – finansējuma trūkums. “Kur lai ņem šos līdzekļus”, viņš pie sevis domāja, pavadot bezmiega naktis, uztraucoties, domājot un lūdzot par iespēju piesaistīt finanses, lai īstenotu apņemšanos Ziemassvētku dienā pabarot 1000 pilsētas nabadzīgākos iedzīvotājus. Prātojot par šo problēmu, viņš neviļus atcerējās savas jūrnieka dienas Liverpūlē, Anglijā. Ostā, kurā ienāca kuģi, bija novietots liels, metāla katls, kuru dēvēja par „Simpsona katlu” un kurā garāmgājēji meta monētas trūcīgo atbalstam. Nākamajā dienā kapteinis Makfījs novietoja līdzīgu katlu Oakland kuģu piestātnē Marketa ielas galā. Līdzās katliņam viņš pielika zīmi: „Palīdzi katliņam vārīties!” Drīz vien bija savākta nepieciešamā nauda trūcīgo iedzīvotāju paēdināšanai Ziemassvētkos. Pēc sešiem gadiem katliņa ideja bija izplatījusies no rietumkrasta līdz Bostonas reģionam. Tajā gadā ziedojumu vākšana notika visas valsts mērogā un rezultātā tika sagādātas 150 000 Ziemassvētku maltītes trūcīgajiem. 1991. gadā Ņujorkā ziedojumi no katliņiem nodrošināja finansējumu pirmajām lielajām Ziemassvētku pusdienām pie galdiem Madisona Skvēra dārzā. Mūsdienās Pestīšanas armija ASV Pateicības dienas un Ziemassvētku periodā palīdz vairāk nekā četrarpus miljoniem cilvēku. Kapteiņa Makfīja katliņa ideja aizsāka tradīciju, kas ir izplatījusies ne tikai ASV, bet visā pasaulē. Katliņi šobrīd tiek izmantoti pat tik tālās zemēs kā Koreja, Japāna, Čīle, kā arī daudzās Eiropas valstīs. Publiska ziedojumu vākšana ar katliņu palīdzību šajās vietās ļauj Pestīšanas armijai visa gada garumā palīdzēt tiem, kas citādi tiktu atstāti...

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Saruna ar Teritoriālajiem vadītājiem

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Vilka tankar for genom huvudet när ni fick förfrågan? Hur förberedd är ni som officer att ta upp nya order? För många år sedan fick vi frågan från Frälsningsarmén om vi kunde tänka oss att tjänstgöra utomlands och eftersom vi svarat ja på den förfrågan vet vi också att vi behöver vara förberedda på att bo och arbeta utomlands. Vi har erfarenhet från två tidigare utlandsflyttar och känner oss därför ganska trygga i det som måste förberedas och göras. Frågan den här gången kom på våren 2017 och vår första tanke var nog att tiden hemma i Sverige och Lettland bara blev 1 ½ år, vilket känns mycket kort. Samtidigt har vi alltid kunnat känna Guds ledning i det som skett och i backspegeln sett att Gud hade en plan som var långt mycket bättre än vårt eget tyckande. Berätta om vad det är ni ska göra i era nya respektive förordnanden! Frälsningsarméns arbete i världen är indelad i olika zoner och som IS (Internationell sekreterare) för Europa blir huvudansvaret att kordinera arbetet för zonen. Det kan egentligen innebära allt från praktiska frågor om personal, ekonomi eller fastigheter, till större genomgripande strategiska frågor. Vidare kommer det att ligga i våra arbetsuppgifter att tillsammans med teamet på Europakontoret; samordna Frälsningsarméns olika interna europeiska nätverk men också jobba för nära kontakter med t.ex. EU-parlamentet och olika ekumeniska samarbetsorgan. Johnnys fokus kommer till stor del att ligga på det nationella ledarskapet i varje land och avgörande inriktningsbeslut medan Eva till exempel fokuserar på människohandel, ekumenik och social rättvisa. Tillsammans kommer vi också att vara Europas representanter i Frälsningsarméns internationella styrelse som består av ca 15 personer. Berätta om er tid i Sverige Lettland territorium! Vi har ju ett perspektiv på hela den långa resa som Frälsningsarmén i Lettland har gjort sedan återöppnandet och det är en enormt stor glädje att se hur arbetet formats, mognat och utvecklats! Det har inte skett utan bekymmer, tårar, hårt arbete, mycket bön och Guds stora nåd, men det är en välsignelse att se resultatet idag! Evas första besök i Lettland var hos Ruth Bang Hansen i Iecava då de reste runt i skolor en hel vecka och Johnnys blev senare inbjuden av Else Andersson för att ha en ungdomsledarkurs på Betania, idag Riga II. Under åren har vi sedan fått vara med och se hur människor kommit till tro och in i funktion i Guds rike både som lokala ledare och officerare och det är vekligen ett enda fantastiskt bevis på Guds stora möjligheter att förändra och återupprätta både människor och situationer. Vad vill ni skicka med oss i vårt sammanhang här i Lettland? Vilka tankar har ni för oss? Vår nya tjänst innebär att vi får fortsätta att hålla kontakten med Lettland och vi gläder oss åt att i olika sammanhang ha anledning att besöka er också i fortsättningen, men framför allt att ha er i våra tankar, planer och förböner. Lettlands folk behöver lära känna Kristus, få framtidshopp och känna den trygghet det innebär att tillhöra Guds familj. Den svenska poeten Emil Jensen säger att: ”En mur är bara en bro på högkant”. Och är det något vi lärt oss i Lettland och som vi gärna vill skicka tillbaka som en påminnelse till er alla är det just detta att: Ingen svårighet är större...

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Atskats uz vīriešu konferenci

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On September 17 at Riga 2 a men’s conference was held. There were 70 men, who came from different corps and institutions of The Salvation army in Latvia. It was the very first event of its kind in TSA history in Latvia and we hope that such conferences will be a yearly event. It is not a secret that in some corps there are only few men and that’s why the organizers of the conference wanted the men to think about following questions: How to get more men to come to church? And what can I do about it? It was a great time! Brothers where praying and worshiping the Lord together, giving testimonies of how they got saved and how they came to TSA. Lessons were prepared especially for the conference, about 3 subjects: men’s role in family; men’s role in church; and marriage with a non-christian. Between the subjects brothers could discuss these subjects and tell their opinion. It was interesting to hear the different stories of how people got saved and to share the joy of how God is working in our corps and outposts. A special thanks’ to our sisters and brothers from Riga 2 corps for preparing a tasty breakfast and lunch for participants of the conference. There will be some videos of the conference on the...

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Pagalmu svētki Bauskā

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9. septembrī Bauskas vecpilsētā norisinājās VII Pagalmu svētki un V Putras godēšana, ko rīkoja biedrība “Bauskas vecpilsēta”. Rīts Bauskas pilsētā ienāca ar lietu. Tikai plkst.11.00 tas mitējās, tieši tad bija pasākuma sākums, kas norisinājās līdz plkst. 15.00. Vecpilsēta mirdzēja svētku noskaņās. Rātslaukumā darbojas Zemgales dižtirgus, kurā piedalījās astoņdesmit tirgotāji, kas piedāvāja dažādus izstrādājumus. Bērni varēja vizināties karuselī. Vecpilsētā tika piedāvāta plaša kultūras programma: Čehijas Nāhodas bērnu koris Canto Bauskas Svētā Gara baznīcā, skaisti sapostā Rīgas iela, ko izrotāja rozes, kas tapušas biedrības “Meistars Gothards” projektā “Uzziedēsim kopā” un 14 atvērti pagalmi, Rīgas Motormuzeja Bauskas filiāle un Sarkanmuiža, kas piedāvāja CSDD apgāžamās mašīnas stendu. Pilsētas viesiem un baušķeniekiem bija ko redzēt un apmeklēt. Putras godēšana notika deviņos pagalmos. Ko tad nozīmē putras godēšana? Šādu vārdu mēs ikdienā nelietojam šodien. Putras godēšana ir putras cienāšana svētkos. Varēja nobaudīt šādas putras: ciema griķu putra, auzu pārslu putra ar rožlapiņu ievārījumu, kailo miežu putru, “Biznesa virumu”, mannā putru ar ievārījumu, šķelto zirņu putru ar sviestu, piena putru, “Uzgriežņu putru” un mūsu vārīto norvēģu krējuma putru. Paldies, Dievam par brīnišķīgu, saulainu laiku visas dienas garumā. Bauskas vecpilsētas pagalmi bija uzposti un gatavi uzņemt viesus. Arī mūsu Pestīšanas armijas Bauskas korpusa pagalms bija gatavs viesu uzņemšanai. Mūsu draudze par to bija parūpējusies. Viesus sagaidīja uzraksts “Mīļi gaidīti mūsu pagalmā” un 100. Psalma vārdi. Pateicības psalms. Gavilējiet Tam Kungam, visas pasaules zemes! Kalpojiet Tam Kungam ar prieku, nāciet Viņa vaiga priekšā ar gavilēm! Atzīstiet, ka Tas Kungs ir Dievs, Viņš mūs ir darījis – un ne mēs paši – par Savu tautu un par Savas ganības avīm. Ieeita pa Viņa vārtiem ar pateikšanu, Viņa pagalmos ar teikšanu! Pateicieties Viņam, slavējiet Viņa Vārdu! Jo Tas Kungs ir laipnīgs, Viņa žēlastība paliek mūžīgi, un Viņa patiesība pastāv uz radu radiem. Šī Bībeles rakstu vieta vēstīja katram atnācējam par ticību mūsu Pestītājam un Glābējam Jēzum Kristum, kas izmainījis mūsu dzīves un aizdedzinājis mūsu sirdis kalpot cilvēkiem vajadzībās. Tādēļ mēs esam šajā pilsētā. Mūsu mērķis bija vairāk pastāstīt par Pestīšanas armija darbību Latvijā, tās pirmsākumiem un šodienu. Korpusa telpās bija izvietota ekspozīcija un ziedojumu vākšana mūsu kalpošanai. Turklāt varēja baudīt norvēģu krējuma putru, kas gatavota no lauku piena, krējuma un miltiem. Mūsu vārīto putru ēda ap 250 cilvēku. Pagalma svētkos piedalījās daudzi Pestīšanas armijas kareivji. Bez šī brīvprātīgā darba mēs nevarētu uzņemt viesus. Kādi nodarbojas ar sporta aktivitātēm, citi palīdzēja bērniem krāsot, vārīja un dalīja putru, mazgāja traukus, kādi aprunājas ar viesiem. Tikai kopā mēs to varējām paveikt. Paldies visiem, kas šajā dienā vēlējās atbalstīt ar savu ziedojumu Pestīšanas armijas kalpošanu Bauskā! Mēs visi esam gandarīti par šo pasākumu, par sarunām, par mīlestību, ko varējām viens otram sniegt. Svētki bija izdevušies! Mēs esam daļa no kopienas, un par to esam gandarīti. Paldies, jums visiem, kas kalpoja un kas pie mums iegriezās, jo jūs šos svētkus padarījāt īpašus. Pestīšanas armijas Bauskas korpusa kapteine Velta...

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Sveiciens Māmiņdienā!

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Katliņš 2016

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In December, 2016 the Salvation Army in Latvia had its annual Christmas Kettle campaign. In collaboration with “RIMI” the Christmas Kettle was seen in Riga, Bauska, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Liepāja and Valmiera. In addition the Kettle was placed at “Maxima” in Saldus and at “Top” in Liepa and Bauska. Moreover, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy people could donate in the Christmas Kettle in Riga Dome Cathedral during “Santa Lucia” concert. The purpose of the campaign was to prepare Christmas dinner for people in need and to encourag people to open their hearts and donate in order to help those who are struggling. By doing it, the Salvation Army wants to show God’s providence and love for all. Thank you to all who donated and supported. This year Christmas Kettle raised EUR 4988.55. 105 volunteers took part in the campaign. The donated money was used for preparing Christmas dinner in 13 soup kitchens all over Latvia. 750 people attended Christmas events where they could not only enjoy a nice hot meal but also hear the Gospel. We want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who open their hearts and donated. It helped people in need to come closer to God and see His love, care and presence in people’s...

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