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Emergency Services

Inga Vetere,
Riga Fire Department Public Relations

The Salvation Army is an international movement, a part of evangelical universal Christian Church. It is an accredited non-governmental organization and its representatives are in United Nations in Washington and European Committee in Brussels. The Salvation Army operates in 126 countries. In Latvia it began its work during Latvia’s independency in year 1923. During World War 2 its operation was stopped and along with Latvia’s independence, the organization restarted its work in Latvia in 1990.
The Salvation Army is caring for the poor by offering hot lunches and providing food parcels, clothing and shoes. Skangaļu Manor Child Support and Social Care Centre is now home for 24 children in Priekuļi. In Riga there is a day-care centre “Patvērums”.
The Salvation Army helps the emergency disaster relief around the world. The Salvation Army is planning to establish a group of “Emergency services” in Latvia to support the Fire Department and firemen in their work and also to offer immediate assistance to persons in distress.
In order to be more informed about the work of fire rescuers and possibilities of collaboration, the management of the social centre of the Salvation Army Lieutenant Aldona Vaineiķe visited Riga fire departments no. 7 and 10. After getting to know the schedule and work conditions of the firemen, they came with gifts – bringing sofa, washing machine, tumble dryers, fridge etc.
One way for SA to help is to provide firemen with tea or lunch when firemen are on the field during long term fire prevention. To show their interest, one time the Salvation Army officers came to department with lunch that could be delivered in a case of need to the site of accident.
Opportunities for cooperation are still being sought, the Salvation Army staff is willing to help, but knowing that caution has to be taken into account in dangerous situations, they know the importance of not interfering. In order to be recognizable on the site of accident, the SA Emergency service have prepared special recognizable vests.
Moreover, the Salvation Army is willing to help people in need. In case you do get informed during your daily life or work about someone ill, elderly and in need for help, helpless people who would need care, you can inform Salvation Army workers who will not leave people in misfortune.