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Lunch for a student

The Salvation Army has been supporting the project “Lunch for a student” since year 2009. The aim of the project is to support parents who are unable to provide lunch for their children and pay for a warm meal in school. By providing children with their basic needs, we let them concentrate on their learning, growth and just enjoyingtheir childhood.
The project has involved several schools in different cities of Latvia. We have found an opportunity to finance school lunch for 35 children on average per year. By the end of year 2013 there will be approximately 17 600 LVL invested in the project. The project has been fully supported by Sweden for the fourth year now.

Ifyou would also like tohelp students invariouscities of Latvia, we invite you to supportby donatingfunds toschoollunchfor one month, onesemesterorthe entireschool yearbydoing a transfer to thebank account of Salvation Armywith the message Project “Lunch for a student”.

R/O “SalvationArmy”
Reg. No. 90000 158 170
Nordeabankacc.: LV31NDEA 00000 800 11705
Bruņinieku street 10a, Rīga, LV- 1001

Lunch costs for 1 student LVL