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Older people

Home-league is a fellowship group that encourages creation and development of Christian values in women. Home-league’s fourfold objective – worship, fellowship, education and ministry – strengthens and develops women all over the world. Ruta Alvika, an active member of Iecava Corps for many years, shares her experience with the home-league meeting.

Iecava got to know the Salvation Army already, in the beginning of 90s of the previous century when Ruth Hansen came to Iecava from Sweden. During that time, time of change and reconstruction, there were very few activities available for people living in Iecava. The Salvation Army organized activities and helped people. Back then, all of us were lacking a connection with God and we could find out more about it here.
So it started: sincere worship meetings, beautiful songs, and home-league meetings. It was something new in Iecava, and many people wanted to join. It was a nice time of fellowship. We enjoyed some simple but very delicious and diverse homemade biscuits and cakes. We were sowing, embroidering, knitting socks and many other things together. We were a nice and friendly group, singing beautiful songs that I can still remember today.
Actually we are very lucky with our leaders. We had a very gifted teacher of handcrafts. She taught us many creative things. We enjoyed the Bible study part of the home-league meetings because we did not know anything about God. I am grateful to everyone who explained the Bible to us. The Word of God is with us every day. In order to sharpen our minds, we did different puzzles and crosswords. All these tasks were based in the Bible and we could use the gained knowledge in our everyday lives.
Today we are also having these nice gatherings. Although there are less people coming, I am grateful to all leaders who have put effort in organizing wonderful teaching and fellowship for us. There are people both from the church and also professional craftsmen who come to teach us how to make different decoration from unusual materials. I find it all very interesting! After these activities we can share some nice refreshments prepare by the cook who makes meals for our soup kitchen. I am grateful to all guests who devote their time and effort to share their knowledge and joy. I appreciate being able to learn in whatever age I am. Let’s be strong in faith that we are taught so that we can live with joy and peace in our hearts.

‘Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.’ (Ps 143:10)

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