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Half-way home


The Salvation Army Riga II Corps is located in Riga, the suburb of Latgale. This is an area, where for a longer period of time people of different nationalities have lived, thus the services are offered in Russian. The mission of the Corps is practical evangelism- presenting the message in a simple language, extensive practical serving and helping the poor and homeless.
The leaders of the Corps often encounter people in their ministry, who due to the support of the church have found their way out of serious addictions and have found a meaning to their life, based on the love of Christ, yet the circumstances in their lives do not change as quickly. Although the habits have changed, their living conditions remain the same- great poverty and often even life on the street. In order to help these people take a step closer to living conditions more suitable to a human being and not let them slip back into addictions, a small rehabilitation centre “Half-way home” has been established on the second floor of the church building. It accommodates up to 10 homeless people in short-term. The centre offers double and single rooms, a kitchen, showers and exercise hall. The lodgers gladly make up for the opportunity given to them helping in the practical serving of the Corps- soup kitchen, distribution of clothes and looking after the yard. People who are admitted at the centre have an opportunity to learn in a orderly and supportive environment, to look for a job and to restore their relationships with relatives.