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Family ministry


Family is the first place where children learn to form relationships, learn about values and acquire the necessary skills. Therefore the Salvation Army pays great attention to help maintaining and supporting families – older and younger children, youth and parents in different situations of their lives.
Since early 1990s when the Salvation Army’s ministry was restored in Latvia, the organization invested effort to help children on streets in Riga providing a safe place to live. Over the years, the variety of needs and situations has changing along with SA assistance and support for families. The government has appreciated the work done by SA and now a number of SA institutions are cooperating with local authorities in providing social service to families in need. More about these activities you may find here:

  • Skangaļi Manor Child Support and Social Care Centre
  • Skangaļi Manor Crisis Centre
  • Day Care centre for Children “Patvērums” in Riga

Moreover, SA is running a number of projects for children, young people and families. More information about these project you may find here:

  • Musical School
  • Carpentry Workshop for Children in Liepa

Day Care Centre’s project for mothers with pre-school children “Children mornings”. In addition, local SA corps (churches) hold different activities for children and youth.


Camps. This ministry can be done all year round gathering children and adults to get to know God more, to enjoy each other’s fellowship and to spend creative time in diverse places in Latvia – children camps in Skangali, summer camps in our camp site ‘Ģirti’ in Liepāja, and winter camps in Drusti. Read more


Day Centre for Children ‘Patvērums’ (Shelter) was established in 2002. Now there are 3 employees working in the centre with 21 children. While the main focus is children, we also try to develop connection with their parents thus helping the children to improve their living conditions and relationship in their family. Read more


Skangali Children Support and Social Care Centre. The main task of the Centre for Children is to provide orphans and children without parental care up to age of 18 with a home that would be made as similar to a family model as possible to make children feel safe, heard, understood and loved. Read more


Carpentry Workshop for Children in Liepa – this project that was started and maintained by envoy Jānis Mucenieks is run together with Liepa Elementary School. The School has opened its premises for carpentry workshop for children twice a week. Read more


The Salvation Army Musical School is a project for children aged 7-18 who want to develop different creative skills (singing, dancing, acting, crafts, sewing etc.). One Saturday a month, children meat together in Riga for a training day to acquire skills for performing in a musical. Read more