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Opening of the Salvation Army Social Centre on 10a Bruņinieku Street

On 19th October, 2016 The Salvation Army Social Centre was opened in its new premises on 10a Bruninieku Street. The leadership of the Salvation Army in Latvia, church members of Riga 1 corps as well as clients of the Social Centre came together to celebrate the opening. We praised the Lord for his providence and kindness of allowing us to continue this ministry in the new premises. The Centre was opened by Assistant Regional Leader Major Anna-Maria Tuftstrom cutting the red ribbon and saying words of encouragement and blessing for the ministry to people in need. The celebration was nicely concluded by a delicious meal that was prepared by the leaders of the Centre Captain Aldona Vaineiķe and Auxiliary Captain Anita Voznaja together with their team of volunteers. All of us could enjoy the meal by beautifully set tables. It was a real treat!
For almost six years, TSA Social Centre ministered to people on 41 Avotu Street. The centre was affectionately called Avotu Centre (Centre of the Source). In the beginning it was because of the name of the street the Centre was situated on, however gradually the name stuck on as it became a place where different people could find a source of support, encouragement and joy.
Nevertheless, it is time for change and starting from October, 2016 TSA Social Centre will continue their ministry in different premises, situated on 10a Bruninieku street. This building is a home also for Riga 1 corps, day care centre ‘Patvērums’ and administration.
The Social Centre will continue to ensure a hot meal three times a week, possibility to use showers and washing machine, as well as will provide different practical social help. People are also welcome to gather for worship meetings, small interest groups and other activities. The Social Centre is open on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 3pm.
Our prayer is that this house continues to be a safe shelter, source of encouragement and God’s love to all who long for the presence of God.

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