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HeartBigOneWe are involved with people in many different ways. Here you can find out how we are helping children, youth, adults and elderly people.


crossWe are not just helping people, we are also a church. Here you can find out what motivates us to do what we do.


handsYou can also help us – there are different ways how you can be involved in helping people when they are in difficult circumstances. Find out what you can do.

With God I feel different, the way I was created

Diāna Ratiņika from Bauska Corps God has now taken an important role in my life, and in the Salvation Army I have gotten to know God more and more. There have been many difficult moments in my life but somehow everything has always turned out the way it is supposed to. I remember when I was younger and for the first time I took part in the Salvation Army camp for children. It was my birthday. I felt a bit different being amongst different people in an unfamiliar place but I liked that feeling. I saw that these people cared about children getting to know God and Jesus. I really enjoyed the camp. In that camp I understood that my life was going to change and that nothing was going to be as before.

A vacancy of a Fundraising Manager

The Salvation Army is an international church with an extensive social work in many towns and villages in Latvia. As the need for the ministry is expanding, we are looking to recruit an exceptional individual to develop and implement a sustainable fundraising strategy. The post-holder will be responsible for shaping fundraising strategy, developing appropriate donor network to support the ministry and overseeing various projects of social work.

Taize Riga

15,000 young people praying together for peace and trust, that's what happened in Riga, Latvia, during the last days of 2016 and into the new year 2017. Young people, 18-35 years came from "all corners" of the earth to participate in the ecumenical Taizé "pilgrimage of trust" a real pilgrimage of trust. Together we have met, talked and prayed. We have come to know the world right here, right now.

Celebrating day of restored ministry

Together with the anniversary of the Proclamation Day of the Republic of Latvia, The Salvation Army in Latvia quietly celebrated its day of restored ministry. Now we count our years of service from 1990 when The Salvation Army restored its ministry here in Latvia, although already in 1923, just five years after the proclamation of independence of Latvia, the Army began to minister to people in Riga and Jelgava. In 1940, the Army’s ministry was prohibited in Latvia and Salvationists were left with hope and passionate prayer about restoration of the lost ministry. And now – we have had the privilege to again serve in Latvia for 26 years. Every year brings something new – both challenges and blessings. Looking back at this year, we see many, many blessings.